Inventive Twitter Users Have Been Making DIY Selfies Sticks From Everyday Objects And Food

Selfie sticks are annoying and you look like a fool using one. But, there is a way to take that group selfie without one. And that's to make your own DIY version, which is much more fun and socially acceptable. And you don't need any fancy engineering skills either (although it might help).

You just need some ingenuity and to take a few minutes to look around your home and find something appropriate. At least, it seems, that's what these people have started doing.

You'll see in the above video a creative couple have recently made a, albeit temporary, selfie stick from Slim Jim dried sausage snacks.

But there's no need to stop at dried sausage. All kinds of everyday items, objects, and, yes, food stuffs can be used. Like badminton racquets or garden hoes or a meter ruler or some bread. Or a coat hanger, which seems to be a very popular choice.

The only limit is your imagination! And the fact that on some of them there's no way to push the camera button to take the pic. But apart from that minor setback, they're perfect!

Here's some of the creative ideas Twitter users have been sharing.

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