Father And Daughter Go Head-To-Head In Epic Intergenerational Beatbox Battle For The Ages

When it comes to parenting, nothing says you're acing it like having a kid who's inherited your mad beatbox skills. And so it goes with Nicole Paris and her dad, who go head-to-head in this video deciding one and for all who's the beatboxing master in the family.

Before we go on, let's just say that Nicole is a pro beatboxer who's been laying down her vocal percussion proficiency since she was 13-years-old (she's now 22). And dad and daughter have gone toe-to-toe before (see below)—that time viewers declared Nicole the champ so dad has asked for a rematch.

And in the rematch dad kicks things off, showing that he's definitely got talent.

Then Nicole retorts with equal willingness.

But then when dad starts with his returning beats he stumbles, the pressure too much to bear no doubt and his part in this battle ends with a "Ah, I messed up!".

That's all Nicole needs, because she comes stomping in and slays dad to the ground with a dazzling three-minute performance to come out the victor. Dad's doing the washing up tonight. And forever.

Check out their previous battle below.

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