'Fish Bras' Is The Latest New Bizarre Summer Craze That's Taking Over Your Social Media Channels

If you were looking for the weirdest social media trend that's happening this summer, then 'fish bras' is certainly a contender. The idea is exactly what it sounds like, women holding up a prize catch of fish as a bra. Instagram account @fishbras has been collating the best efforts.

The account has over a 100,000 followers and by the looks of the pictures no shortage of women who don't mind posing for a picture while holding a fish over their boobs.

It's not really certain how or where the trend started, it may be a reference to Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie with the black bars covering her modesty. Maybe they're just women who like to go fishing topless but choose to preserve their modesty using freshly caught catch. Maybe

Or what's more likely is that it's just a combination of sun, alcohol, and sea air, mixed in with some salty sea tales from the boat crew that it's what you need to do when you land a fish. Yeah, right.

Whatever the reason thousands of females have already taken the plunge in the bizarre fishy craze, posing for photos out on the high seas with only a fish to cover themselves up.

But irregardless of how or why, it's a trend that looks like it's not going to be disappearing any time soon. So if you're fond of fishing and women, then you'll be glad that it's around.

In fact according to the fishbras Instagram account the 12th July, today, is #fishbraawarenessday.

So that's something to celebrate. To see what it's all about check out some photos below.

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