Floating Bonsai Trees Are Here To Wow You With Their Levitating Awesomeoness

Bonsai trees are cool and everything but can they levitate? No they can't. Well, make that couldn't because they can now, thanks to a Japanese company called Hoshinchu. They've produced a range of levitating plants called Air Bonsai which float in the air like something out of a sci-fi movie or a Hayao Miyazaki film.

The Air Bonsai uses a system of magnetic levitation, magnets are both in the base and "little star" or plant above, to appear like the bonsai is magically spinning and rotating over the ceramic pot.

The company started a Kickstarter campaign (but they already smashed the $80,000 goal with $334,810) and people could purchase the Air Bonsai by donating. For $200 starter kits were available with prices going as high as $10,000 for limited sets. But now they've more than met their target hopefully they'll be offering to the public soon. And lets face it, a lot of us will definitely want one.

The bonsai range from flowing plants to pines and mosses and there are all kinds of different kits available, you can check them out over on the Kickstarter.

However there is this disclaimer for those living outside of Japan. "We are limited to export and carry any plants outside of Japan," the makers explain. "To solve this matter, we have support from our team members in the United States who will negotiate with regional bonsai and plant makers. We remind you that the bonsai for our prototypes is just an image."

Still, however the bonsai might differ just imagine how great a floating rotating plant would look in your home.



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