'The Floor Is Lava' Game You Played As A Kid Is Now A Cool Augmented Reality Video Game

We've all, at some point in our childhood, played the game'The Floor Is Lava' where you have to jump from couch to chair to table and avoid touching the floor, for if you do you'll be burned to death! Now a group of game developers HoloFriends have created a mixed reality version of the game.

The game has been created for the Microsoft HoloLens. HoloLens, which is currently only available as a developer kit, blends the real and virtual worlds for a mixed reality environment where you can, say, battle killer robots in your living room. Or, turn the floor into lava.

In HoloFriends' game, called of course The Floor is Lava, you not only have to avoid the floor but also have to collect ice-creams too as you journey around your abode, avoiding stepping foot on the carpet at all costs—or before it turns to lava.

"For most of us, the scenario is all too familiar: You’re in the comfort of your home, when suddenly hot molten rock begins to flow through the living room." say the developers. "In this situation, what else can one do besides climb between safe points and collect floating ice cream treats? Thankfully, the geniuses over at HoloFriends have created your one-stop training simulator to prepare you for just such an emergency. So, strap on your favorite HoloLens headset and let Mr. Diki guide you through some action-packed, ice-cream eating, lava-avoiding mayhem."

If you wondered what people look like playing it, they look like this:


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