Thousands Of People Are Watching A Fish Play Pokemon—And So Should You

And people used to say fish were stupid. Well, now look who's stupid! We all know fish aren't stupid because they can talk, as Finding Nemo demonstrated so well—and now it looks like they can play video games too.

Twitch.tv, who were previously making headlines with their experiment where 80,000 players played Pokemon Red simultaneously, are at it again with Fish Plays Pokemon. But this time they have a Siamese fighting fish playing Pokemon Red. His name is Grayson Hopper.


The piece was built in 24 hours as part of HackNY and works by placing a nine panel grid over live footage of the tank Grayson occupies, where each panel relates to a button (up, down, left, right, a, b, start, select, and random). When Grayson swims in front of one, that particular button is activated.

Here's what Twitch.tv says about his progress so far:

Grayson has been playing for around 135 hours. Last time I checked, Grayson had acquired his first Pokemon, a charmander named AAAABBK and defeated his first opponent, the rival's squirtle!

So, not too bad considering he's a fish. He also has a subreddit dedicated to him, where fanart has already started cropping up (see above). You can check out the livestream below because, what else have you got to do today?

Watch live video from FishPlaysPokemon on www.twitch.tv<

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