Microsoft's HoloLens Will Mean You Can Fight Alien Robots In Your Living Room

Microsoft recently held an event in New York, and in among all the new phones and Surface laptop was the thing everyone wanted to see. A live demo of their Hololens mixed reality gaming system.

Donning a headset the guy in the demo plays an immersive game called Project XRay, where he battles holographic alien spider bots. These mixed reality fiends appeared all around the stage, as headset-wearing guy moves about to battle them.

As the system leaves the player untethered—no wires or connection to PC required, nothing—you can move around freely in whatever space the action is taking place.

The foes are intelligent too, sensors tell them where the furniture and walls of the room are and the bad guys compute all this and use it to attack you from various places.

And your weapon can morph into different things as well. All-in-all it looks f*cking incredible. And you'll know doubt want one after watching the demo.

Luckily Microsoft have announced that HoloLens be available for developers in 2016. Unluckily the price tag is $3,000.

Time to make friends with a rich developer.


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