Futuristic Face-Hacking Technique Transforms A Person's Face Into Amazing Digital Masks

If you wanted some insight into what the future of live performance might be like in, say, 10 years time, then this video should give you some indication. It's the second video by Nobumichi Asai showing off his face-hacking technique called Omote.

The technique involves face-tracking technology and 3D projection mapping and creates a digital mask for a person to "wear." This time it features two people whose faces are transformed entirely into a variety of different canvases. And the results are amazing.

From shimmering Dr. Doom style facelifts to all kinds of creepy and weird distortions, it's mind-blowing how total the transformation is.

According to projection-mapping.org, "Asai masterfully uses these astounding visual makeup effects to transform what we believe a human face can be. Of course, the fact that the models can move their faces at the same time also adds interactive icing to the cake! Truly magical."

You can let your imagination run wild as to how this incredible combination of technologies to create real-time mapping could augment a theatrical performance or concert in the near future.

Find out more information on Asai's website.


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