Unarius Has Got To Be One Of The Craziest UFO Cults Ever To Visit Our Planet

OK, prepare to laugh your head off at the crazy cult of Unarius (which stands for Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science), founded in 1954 by husband and wife Ernest L. Norman (archangel Raphael) and Ruth E. Norman (aka archangel Uriel), and based in El Cajon, California. They claim to be in contact with aliens, or "Space Brothers" as they refer to them, who live in subterranean cities on Mars. Because, of course they do.

They predicated those "Space Brothers" would come visit us in 2001 (needless to say that didn't happen) and spent a lot of time making really low-budget films to promote their cult and spread their message. When the aliens didn't show and the founders passed away the cult ran out of steam somewhat.


But don't let that stop you from enjoying these interviews with members and leaders from the cult—which includes super glam co-founder Ruth Norman (above)—conducted by Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra for a show produced by Richard Metzger, which was never aired. But it's now been released on the internet which is, surely, its spiritual home.


via Dangerous Minds

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