Guy Epically Pranks Tourists With Selfie Surcharge & Taxing Them For Walking Across A Bridge

You know what, although the guy in this video is pranking these people he might be onto something, with the selfies anyway. Because if you are an unsuspecting tourist then you might just fall for it.

Putting on a high-visibility jacket to make himself look more official, he stops people walking across Westminster Bridge in London, UK and pretends they have to pay a fee to cross.

He also does the same to people out jogging asking for a "pavement maintenance fee", and to people taking selfies on the bridge, the perfect place for tourist photos (and the perfect place to impose a selfie surcharge).

The reactions vary. Some people just brush him aside, jaded Londoners who know that a bridge tax is laughable (although not out of the realms of possibility), but one woman gets her purse out, happy to oblige, while also confusingly watching other people walk by without paying a cent.

Which, if nothing else, just goes to show the authoritative power of a high-vis yellow jacket.

The stunt was undertaken by broadband company Relish to highlight the hidden charges some broadband providers add to their services. Lets face it, do you really know what you are paying for?


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