Crazy Guy Plays With Giant Freaky Insect Called A Whip Spider And It's Pure NOPE!

Look away now if you have any chance of getting freaked out by a long-legged insect that looks like it's climbed out of a William Burroughs novel. Anyone still there?

Meet Adrian Kozakiewicz who doesn't mind such a creature, the whip spider, crawling across his hand and lunging at him. He's an 18-year-old Polish guy living in Germany. He runs Insecthaus where he breeds various insects from across the world and sells them to pet shops.

As such he isn't like any mere mortal who's terrified of invertebrates like the whip spider, which is a type of arachnid. Instead he doens't mind taunting it, so that it bites him numerous times and lashes out at him with its long front legs.

It's just, well, NOPE. However, although the whip spider may look like something straight from a nightmare, they are in fact harmless to humans.

They range in size from around two to 23 inches, depending on the length of their legs, and have a total of eight eyes. They're found in tropical and subtropical places—and also on Kozakiewicz's hand.

If you can't get enough of sinister-looking insects, check out another video of Kozakiewicz covered in giant African whip scorpions.

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