Nope, Nope, NOPE! Dad Buys Bananas Infested With Eggs From Deadly Venomous Spider #nope

It looked to the untrained eye like just a bit of not very pleasant but harmless mould. But oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. It wasn't mould. It was a nest of eggs from one of the world's most evil spiders, the Brazilian Wandering Spider—also known as banana spiders—who wander around at night and hide in banana plants during the day.

A dad from Bristol in England went out to his local store and bought the bananas along with some other groceries. When he brought them home his wife made the discovery when she unpacked them.

The bananas originate from Costa Rica, home of the spider.

Not only are they known as the world's most venomous spider, causing death, injury and general feelings of ewww, but they're also known to give men erections lasting four-hours long. If you're into that kind of thing.

Check out the wacky video above to see just what these cute, eight-legged furballs can do to you, if you were afraid before then the surreal video will scar you for life. Weird.

The banana and spider cocoon

In what sounds like an absolute horrorshow, the mom who opened the bananas said the spider cocoon began to unfurl, so she put it in a sealed box in the freezer in an attempt to kill them.

Brazilian Wandering Spider Phoneutria Fera close up
The Brazilian Wandering Spider

She also contacted the store, Tesco, where she bought them, but they weren't very helpful. "Tesco were a bit useless," she told the Bristol Post, "I was really concerned about the possibility of this dangerous spider and spider eggs in my house and really wanted some helpful advice on how to act. I wasn't sure if other spiders or eggs had escaped when I ripped the bag open."


So she posted the picture to the store's Facebook page. "They told me to send the wrapper in so they could get the barcode to refund me!" she said, "I was shocked, they failed to see the potential threat to me and my family and thought I was only interested in having a pound or so back."

So there you go. Contrary to what the experts tell us, fruit is dangerous to your health.


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