This Is Amazing! Here's How They Make The Stunning Visual Effects In Game of Thrones

You know the cast, you know the screenwriters and you certainly know George RR Martin, but what also makes Game of Thrones so amazing is the technical brilliance of the visual effects.

Mackevision is one of the VFX studios that create amazing backdrops and scenery for the show—adding in people, ships, castles and subtle imagery with their CGI mastery that help conjure the fantasy world of Martin's mind into a televisual spectacle.

When you watch this VFX making of reel you realise how much of the show is brought into being by these technical wizards. Their efforts haven't gone unnoticed by the industry either, as they've been nominated for this year's Emmys in the category of "Outstanding Special Visual Effects." Let's hope they win.

And in case you missed it, here's what Martin had to say this week to those moaners who complain that he'll die before he finishes the books.

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