Sinister New App Lets You Ruin Game Of Thrones For People By Texting Them Spoilers

'Keep your friends close, text your enemies Game of Thrones spoilers.' That seems to be the case with a new app that will, for $0.99 per season, send spoilers of the addictive fantasy series to people you dislike.

Or, if you're a cruel Ramsay Bolton-type, people you like.

Called Spoiled the app will send these spoilers via text message, anonymously of course, to a friend or foe right after the episode airs. You can then follow Spoiled on Twitter to see how they react. Wonderfully evil stuff.

Spoilers are one of the great annoyances for people following their fav TV show in an age when social media is overrun with plot twists and revelations the moment they've happened. Even the trending sidebars can give away TMI when it comes to what's taken place. Avoiding them is a fine art. And people invest a lot in their TV shows these days.

Although Game of Thrones relies on more than just plot twists it would be devastating to learn of, say, Ned's fate or the Red Wedding before they happened.

Much like a lot of the storylines and characters in GoT, Spoiled said the idea for the app was inspired by real-life. Namely this story about a slighted girlfriend who would send GoT spoilers to her cheating ex every Monday after the show aired.

So GoT fans beware, for the night is dark and full of friends who may sign you up to an anonymous spoiler service.


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