Brian McCauley Shows You How To Give Officials A Hard Time At Immigration Checkpoints

If you live in Arizona and you're getting a little be annoyed by the immigration checkpoints they have there, then feel free to copy this guy when you next get pulled over. After he gets stopped from what seems like nothing else but his appearance, he goes about giving the checkpoint official as hard a time as possible without getting arrested.

The officer asks: "Are you a US citizen?" and he responds with some straight up attitude with the retort: "Am I free to go?" You can understand the guy's frustration at getting pulled over by border patrol police miles from the actual border—sadly it's a pretty regular occurrence and is militarizing huge parts of U.S. territory, with some border police harassing citizens above and beyond the call of duty, as this USA Today report details.

Are these checkpoints even legal? It seems like that's a bone of contention. Watch the video and prepare yourself for outrage in 3, 2, 1...


If you want to check out more of Brian McCauley's adventures with checkpoints then take a look at the video below:

Youtube: Brian McCauley

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