Meet The Luckiest People On The Planet - Some Of The Best Near Misses Of The Year So Far

Lucky people. lucky people. Everywhere. It takes watching a video like this to make you realize how slim the boundaries are between a healthy, long, happy life and sudden death. You really do feel sometimes that someone else is rolling the dice for you, deciding your fate. Or you just happen to be lucky.

This video showcases a whole compilation of people who have had some very lucky escapes, resulting in them staying in the land of the living, even though some of the situations you might well have wanted to wager a lot of your buddies hard earned cash on them never surviving. So don't panic, no one dies.

There are also (strangely) some random amazing incidents of amazing feats of 'WOW' scattered throughout the video, people doing stuff that looks pretty much impossible, impossible to pull off. I'm guessing this is some sort of commercial 'feel-good' break before you clench your buttocks and sit through more near-death experiences.

It's a great video to make you value and look at life in a new way and realize that all of us who are still breathing in and out are pretty lucky people. Enjoy.


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