#HipsterCop—Bearded UK Police Officer Becomes Internet Meme After His Epic Tash Goes Viral

A British police officer with a waxed mustache found some online fame recently when a photo of him policing a protest march went viral on twitter. The internet quickly jumped on the image and the hashtag #HipsterCop blew up with people posting amusing stereotypes about him relating to hipsters.

You know, soya bean lattes and vinyl enthusiasm.

In reality he wasn't a hipster at all but a biker and father of three, who apparently just likes his tash to look like a Victorian gentleman's—and he also likes listening to the not-very-hipster Meat Loaf.

But when has the internet let a little thing like the truth get in the way of having some fun?

Friends and family have told UK newspapers, "He can’t help but find the whole thing very, very amusing. The entire family are getting massive laughs from it too, and he’s been getting a lot of jip from his colleagues for it as well."

Regarding the above, if you are from 'across the pond' (the other side of the Atlantic ocean, as in The United States) then substitute 'mocked' for the word 'jip'.

Here's the original tweet from photographer Guy Smallman who was at the protest last week.

And here's some of the fun the internet had with his image.

Hipster Cop is even aware of his new found celebrity and posted this selfie to show his appreciation. What a guy.

And of course there will be memes. Lots of memes. Here's to you hipster cop.


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