Houston, We Have A Cellphone! Watch An iPhone 6 Journey 101,000 Feet Into Space

Can an iPhone 6 survive a journey into space and back again? Well yes, yes it can. Watch as Apple's latest phone hitches a ride 101,000 feet on a balloon.

As it flies upwards to the stratosphere it encounters temperatures that reach as low as -79 degrees F and winds that reach up to 70 MPH. But our intrepid explorer valiantly withstands it all.

Then after reaching its final destination on this daring voyage of discovery, it hurtles back to earth withstanding 150 PRM rotation as the parachute's deployed and the rig stabilizes.

Sadly, the rig didn't make it. I know, I know. But the iPhone walked away unharmed and in the same working order that it was in before it was sent up. Next stop: an iPhone on Mars by 2022. Make it so.

The iPhone isn't the first pointless object to be sent into space for no real reason. It follows in the illustrious footsteps of a bobbleheaded Walter White toy and an iPhone 4 with 200 paper planes (below).

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