A Human Experience Made Cancer Patients Forget About Their Disease, Even If Only For A Second

Lost faith in humanity? Well, this video should go a little way to restoring it as 20 cancer patients are given a unique makeover experience—after being invited along to a studio their hair and makeup are done in a rather extravagant manner, which they weren’t aware of because they had to keep their eyes closed.

Then, when they opened their eyes a photographer captured their astonished and happy faces for posterity. Touching stuff.

"You know what I miss the most? Being carefree." That is the sentence that inspired the "if only for a second" project.

The video has had over 16 million views on Youtube since it launched, but their channel has only 5000 subscribers, which makes me think that people don't want to be reminded of something that can kill them.

The video broke on the internet around early Christmas 2013 and while i remember watching it and thinking that this was a big deal, then it kind of lost it's place in my mind as the festive season kicked in.

It's weird how quickly you can forget important things and how become reunited again with something that touched you when you are clearing out your bookmarks, and that's where i found this gem again. Sometimes it's good to remember.

The Mimi Foundation in collaboration with Leo Burnett France - This film shows the adventure


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