Breast Cancer Survivor's First Haircut Reveals Her Moving Journey From Sorrow To Joy

Any cancer survivor's story is going to be filled with emotion but the story of Tracy DeSoto, who overcame breast cancer, is especially poignant, because of the way it's told.

It starts with Tracy revealing how it felt to first be diagnosed with the disease, her despondency and lack of hope.

Then we follow her through chemotherapy as her hair begins to fall out, and she talks about how the fear she feels is overwhelming and unceasing.

All of this is revealed to the viewer by Tracy reading out lines of monologue in a voiceover.

But then, when she's at her lowest, the video reverses. The monologue is read backwards and in doing so it reveals an empowering and optimistic message.


The last phrase she speaks in the first half of the video is, "It’s all beyond my control, and you will never hear me say, 'I am still beautiful.'"—but it becomes "I am still beautiful, and you will never hear me say, ‘It’s all beyond my control.'"


It then goes all the way back, undoing the despair she felt until it ends with Tracy getting her first haircut since chemotherapy, and saying "I’ll never forget this feeling."

It's a very moving and powerful way to tell what is, in the end, an uplifting and heartening story.


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