Cool Moms Are Crocheting Disney Princess Wigs For Kids With Cancer At The Magic Yarn Project

A group of moms are bringing a little magic to young kids who are suffering from cancer. Known collectively as The Magic Yarn Project the group was set up by former oncology nurse and mom of three Holly Christensen.

The Alaskan mom knows how traumatic it can be for kids undergoing chemotherapy to lose their hair. So, when a friend's young daughter, Lily, was diagnosed with lymphoma she made her a Rapunzel wig spun from yarn.

"I knew she would be going through a difficult time, and that no one would be able to take her suffering away." Christensen explained to Babble. "I also knew that losing her long, curly blonde hair at not even 3 years old would be difficult for her, so I figured that the yarn wig could help bring a little magic and fun to a difficult time in her life.”

The yarn wigs, as well as looking great, are also softer and much more suitable to the sensitive scalp that comes from having had chemotherapy than normal wigs.

Since Lily's wig was such a success, Christensen has now taken the project national by starting The Magic Yarn Project, which provides princess yarn wigs for children suffering from cancer all across the country.

Wigs include Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Jasmine from Aladdin, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

As the project is just starting out they rely on funding to keep going. You can donate to the group on their GoFundMe page and check out their website or Facebook for more information or to get involved.


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