'Sad Topographies' -- Take A Tour Of Some The World's Most Drepressingly-Named Places

Some towns and places may feel depressing, but some towns and places are actually named Depressing. Or there abouts. The bleak, the bizarre, and morbidly named are collated by Instagram account @sadtopographies whose tagline is "Some where to go, when you're feeling low."

The account has collected together around 30 spots, be they cities, islands, caves, or lakes from across the globe. Many of the places have grim histories that account for their names.

For instance Murder Island in Nova Scotia, Canada got its name after human remains were found there, supposedly from slaves buried after working on excavations looking for buried treasure on nearby Oak Island.

Others like Heartache Road in East Helena, Montana probably got their names long ago for reasons that are lost to time, but you can probably imagine why. While Slaughter Beach, that's whatever the reason that's surely a perfectly location to shot a B-movie horror.

Here's some of the rest.

Gloomy Lake, ON Canada #gloomy

Massacre Island, Subd, Canada #massacre #explorecanada

Mount Despair, Montana, U.S. #despair

Cape Disappointment, Washington U.S #disappointment

Terror Lake, Alaska #terror

Slaughter Beach, Delaware, US #slaughter

Murder Island, Argyle, Canada #murder

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