The Internet Hated Lifetime’s 'Aaliyah' Movie—And Created Some Hilarious Memes To Mock It

It was pretty much doomed from the start. Lifetime announced awhile back that they were making a biopic of singer Aaliyah, who died tragically in a plane crash in 2001 aged only 22. Called Aaliyah: Princess of R&B it had neither the blessing of her family or her friends like Timbaland and Missy Elliott.

But executive producer Wendy Williams went ahead with it anyway, even though people were hating on the casting choices as well as the general idea. And since it aired on Saturday night people have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the matter and to mock Williams' efforts.

Soon after it aired the hashtags #LifetimeBeLike and #LifetimeBiopics were the place to show exactly how you felt about the film, as people pitched titles and bad casting choices for the next ill-advised Lifetime biopic.

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