USA Win The Women's World Cup 2015 Final - The Internet Reacts With Joy And Memes

The women's national soccer team put in a great performance at the FIFA Women's World Cup which took place in Canada. And their efforts of epicness were rewarded on Sunday when they beat Japan 5-2 in the final in Vancouver.

It was looking good right from the very start as Carli Lloyd, the hero of the Cup, scored a hat trick in the first 13 minutes—the fastest in World Cup history and the first in a women's final—which included an amazing goal from the halfway line.

Japan gained two goals back, but never really stood a chance in a thrilling seven-goal match which was the highest scoring final in Women's World Cup history. This is the third World Cup Final win for the US women's team, they previously won in 1991 and 1999, and makes them the first nation to win that many.

It made for an elated stadium as "U-S-A! U-S-A!" chants rang around when the women lifted the trophy after their dominating performance. But it wasn't only the fans in the stadium celebrating.

Seems like the internet went pretty wild with excitement too. And by excited I mean flooded Twitter with some funny reactions showcasing the USA team's supreme awesomeness.

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