Twitter Brutally Mocks Melania Trump For Michelle Obama Plagiarism #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes

Melania Trump recently gave a memorable speech at the Republican National Convention. Memorable for all the wrong reasons, because not long after she finished it people were saying Melania, or her speech writer, had plagiarised an entire paragraph of it pretty much verbatim.

And plagiarized it from Michelle Obama's 2008 address to the Democratic National Convention, no less. Of course every media outlet in the world picked up on it and it entirely overshadowed the RNC opening night.

It also inspired a hashtag. #FamousMeliaTrumpQuotes cropped up after it happened because Twitter is unforgiving and likes nothing more than to ridicule celebrities.

The hashtag basically was full of famous quotes that were mockingly attributed to Melania. They're either quotes that will seem very familiar or just plain outrageous because, well, they're not really Melania at all.

Just like her RNC speech.

Finally the truth emerged and CNN reported that, "Meredith McIver, a family friend and writer for the Trump organization, identified herself in a statement as the person responsible for lifting phrases for Melania's Trump convention speech. She apologized and said she had offered her resignation -- but added that Donald and Melania Trump did not accept it."

McIver went on to explaing that, "during a phone conversation, Melania Trump read passages from Michelle Obama's speech as examples of the kind of tone she wanted to strike because she admired the first lady. "

She added, "I wrote them down and later included some of the phrasing in the draft that ultimately became the final speech. I did not check Mrs. Obama's speeches. This was my mistake, and I feel terrible for the chaos I have caused Melania and the Trumps, as well as to Mrs. Obama. No harm was meant."

Donald Trump's reply to the whole event was, "people make innocent mistakes and that we learn and grow from these experiences."

In case you were wondering about the similarities between Melania and Michelle's speeches, check out the damning evidence below. And question why anyone would think they could get away with it.

Then check out the fun the internet had at Melania's expense.

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