FIFA Memes Are All Over Twitter After News Of The Corruption Scandal Broke #FIFAarrests

So things aren't going so well for soccer's governing body Fifa at the moment, with the FBI closing in on them after 70-year-old New Yorker Chuck Blazer, a Fifa official who was spending $6000-a-month on an apartment for his cats in Trump Tower, turned whistleblower.

The corrupt house of cards has now come crashing down and Sep Blatter, Fifa's head honcho and Corrupter-in-Chief, is being asked to throw in the towel and step down. That pressure is not only coming from politicians and British Prime Minister David Cameron, but from the World Cup sponsors too, which is where it's really going to hurt.

The internet has already responded to the brands sponsoring the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with an 'Anti-Logos' campaign highlighting the abuse of migrants constructing stadiums for the competition.

Uefa's (Union of European Football Associations) president Michel Platini has asked Blatter to resign too, but Blatter has so far refused. But that might all change shortly.

There's a presidential election happening tomorrow (Friday) where Fifa will vote for a new leader. If Blatter wins Platini has said that Europe won't rule out boycotting the World Cup.

But whether he does or whether his opponent Prince Ali can beat him (it's rumored that a supporters of Blatter will jump the sinking ship and back Prince Ali) and perhaps usher in a new age for Fifa, we'll find out soon.

It'll definitely go to extra time and then onto penalties to determine the outcome.

While that ongoing drama is unfolding Twitter has been doing what Twitter always does in these circumstances, it's been throwing up memes, gags, and jokes and having some fun with the whole scandal.

Here's some of the funniest.

But however fast we think things break on the internet (and especially Twitter), they pale in comparison to good old-fashioned TV cartoon shows. Honest.

It seems the Simpsons were seriously way ahead of the media on the entire FIFA corruption scandal.

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