Cats Love Playing Ping Pong, Well, They Love Getting In The Way Of Ping Pong Games Anyway

Humans are pretty good at playing ping pong, but cats. Well. Cats are something else and this compilation proves it. They're extra stretchy muscles are made for leaping about on a ping pong table, getting in the way of their humans trying to play.They were born for this role.

Add to that the fact that cats love nothing more than chasing something small that's moving fast, and you have basically a game that's pretty much what they do anyway.

When they're not napping, that is.

But they don't so much bat the ball back as jump up and save it like a soccer goalkeeper. Maybe there could be a whole new game devised here, where humans and cats work together to beat other humans and cats by saving ping pong balls from a big ping pong net.

An interspecies championship! A bit like horse racing but without the horses. Or the racing. And with cats. And ping pong. You know that if this happened you'd happpily watch it on TV.

It needs to happen.


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