Depressing Thought Of The Day: John Oliver Talks US Drone Strikes, And It's Sobering Stuff

If you needed convincing of why US drone strikes are not the answer to America's problems, then this video from John Oliver should do the job. "Drone strikes will be as much a characteristic of the Obama presidency as Obamacare or receiving racist email forwards from distant relatives." Oliver depressingly notes. And the rest of the video doesn't get any cheerier.

He goes on to say that we can't keep ignoring the subject of drones, as much as we'd like to. "Drone strikes are one of those things that it's really convenient not to think about that much. Like the daily life of a circus elephant or that Beck is a Scientologist." he drolly says.

Then comes the crippling part where he shows a video of a 13-year-old Pakistani kid, his grandma killed by drones he talks about he dreads blue skies, because when the skies are blue is when the strikes come. Instead he prefers it when the sky is grey. "The drones do not fly when the skies are grey." he says.

It's sobering, and harrowing, stuff. And it's a subject that can no longer be avoided.

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