'The Nerds & The Furious' - Take A Peek Inside Melbourne's Underground Drone Racing Scene

In abandoned warehouses in Melbourne, Australia people are taking part in racing drones using custom creations which can reach speeds of up to 93mph when traveling in a straight line.

The races, which can feature between 50 to 60 drones, use FPV (First Person View) quadcopters—meaning, thanks to a camera placed on the copter, the drivers can see what the drones sees as they whizz around the track. If you have 'the need for speed' on a budget then this is the place to come.

The racing has come about due to smaller drones making the hobby more affordable while still being powerful enough to reach decent speeds. It also means that if and when they crash they don't suffer as much damage and are cheaper to repair.

As the description for the video, which is made by Gizmag, says it's a bit like video gaming but IRL. And watching the drones speed around the track you can see the attraction of taking part.

At the moment it remains an underground activity, but surely it can't be long before we see it becoming a mainstream TV show in the vein of Robot Wars.


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