Kalu The Dog Grows A New Face After It Was Eaten Away By Maggots

Be warned, the video and images for this are very graphic and upsetting. It features a dog called Kalu who was found by Indian animal rescue workers inside a hole on a construction site. He'd gone there as a final resting place after his face was badly wounded and became infested with maggots.

The charity workers, from Animal Aid Unlimited, got him out of the hole and took him back to their animal shelter in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The dog's face had been eaten away leaving a large part of his skull exposed and his eyes appeared to have gone too.

The wound, the worst the staff had ever seen, was so bad they considered euthanasia but instead decided to treat him and see if he might recover. They begun this by first applying a powder to kill the maggots and then sedating him so they could clean the wound. Then then bandaged him and let him rest.

Then his remarkable recovery began. Because on day three he ate for the first time since being rescued and then on day five his left eye reappeared.

Three months later and he's bounding along in the video, his face having grown back, albeit missing his right eye. Still, it's an astonishing recovery.

But best of all is he's a completely changed dog living a much happier life.


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