Thirsty Leopard Gets Head Stuck In Pot, Stay Likes That For Hours As People Too Afraid To Free It

A thirsty leopard wandered into a village, Sardul Kheda in northern India, looking for something to drink. Finding a pot full of water it stuck its head in to lap up some delicious H2O. Except, it's head got stuck.

If this was any kind of animal other than an apex predator, locals may've helped it escape from this unfortunate incident. But chances are if they had helped it, and were successful, it would've been a little bit angry.

And no one wants to have to deal with an angry leopard and its powerful jaws. So they left it to the pros.

So while they waited for the experts they started doing what we'd all do in this situation, taking photos and videos until the local forestry commission arrived, after six long hours, and shot it with a tranq dart.

Officials told the Indian Tribune, 'The sub-adult panther, aged about 3 years, wiggled a lot and made efforts to get his head out but all attempts failed. The animal had probably strayed from a sanctuary area some 20km from the village."

Then after successfully removing the poor animal's head from the pot they waited for it to fully recover and released it back into the wild.

Hopefully the leopard learned a valuable lesson--never wander into a village where the locals have a video camera and access to YouTube and get your head stuck in a pot. The shame.


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