Cats In Famous Movie Scenes—Disinterested Felines Make For Hilarious Additions To These Classic Films

As we're all very much aware cats have taken over most of the internet, so why shouldn't they overtake some iconic movie scenes too? Why not, indeed. YouTube channel PistolShrimps have done the reimagining giving the world a cat Darth Vader, a cat Batman, and a cat Jordan Belfort.

Finally! I hear you cry. It means that classic scenes from Requiem For A Dream, The Wolf Of Wall Street, The Dark Knight, and Kill Bill are made brilliantly awkward by the addition of a disinterested cat.

Because that cat is probably far more interested in what it's getting next to eat. Or in scratching the arms of the Pistol Shrimps' sofa until the sofa is completely ruined.

In fact it's the perfect symbol of how cats think of us humans, of cats' general disdain for humanity even though we provide them with food, warmth, and shelter.

Because here they are opposite some of the finest actors of their generation in scenes that have become iconic—and they couldn't give a sh*t.

The question remains though: do digitally inserting felines into movies improve the scenes or make them worse? Depends on your penchant for cat-cting, I suppose (sorry.)


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