Daniel LuVisi's Popped Culture Is A Super Creepy Take On Your Fav Kids' Characters

Daniel LuVisi has been wowing the internet with his incredibly disturbing illustrations for quite some time.

In one of his most popular and hang-on-your-wall-worthy series he takes characters from pop culture, like Homer Simpson, Sesame Street characters, Disney icons and more and gives them a uniquely twisted makeover.

Characters from the Simpsons inhabit the criminal underworld of Grand Theft Auto while friendly old Fozzie the bear turns into a psycho killer, strangling the life out of Gonzo in a homage to Javier Bardem's hitman in No Country For Old Men.

The illustrations are all created digitally, starting off as low res sketches before he builds up the gory detail. So take a look, because sometimes it's better to face your nightmares.

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