Meet Maddie Sparkle: The Gymnast Turned Pole Dancer Shows Off Some Of Her Incredible Moves

If you ever doubted that pole dancing can be as graceful and artful as any other type of dance, then you won't after seeing Australian gymnast turned pole dancer Maddie Sparkle in action.

Obviously a background in gymnastics is a perfect grounding in terms of strength and fitness to become a successful pole dancer, but she also practices every day and has been dancing for seven years.

As well as a practising dancer she also teaches people the art of the pole, running the Pole Dance Academy. If you're looking get into it she has this advice, "Be patient and work slowly, get stronger slowly and don't try to master every trick in the book. Work on routines and perfect them before moving onto herder tricks. Try to make everything look smooth and effortless. The transitions are just as important as the tricks."

As to her thoughts on whether it should become an Olympic sport, which is often bandied around whenever people bring up the discipline, she doesn't think so. Why?

She doesn't want to see people stop wearing the elaborate high heels. "I like pole to be sexy because that is what makes it different and exciting. If it does end up in the Olympics I will definitely be doing my own thing and trying to keep heels alive."

So take a look at the videos and photos, enjoy the splenor, and because it's Australia day today make sure you jump on the next pole you see and have a go yourself.


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