Madonna Shaves Nike Swoosh Into Her Pubic Hair For Women's Rights, Internet Collectively Throws Up

President-elect Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th POTUS later this week, and the day after that takes place, on 21st January 2017, the Women’s March on Washington is planned.

The march aims to send a message to the incoming president and his cabinet about their stance on various issues including reproductive health care, abortion services and how they impact people's rights.

It's hoped that attendance will be high as people stand in solidarity, and one person who's announced that they'll be going along to support the march is international pop icon Madonna.

Joining Madonna in Washington will be Katy Perry, Cher, and Zendaya, all of whom have given their support to the event and have been staunch critics of Donald Trump. All good so far, right?

But rather than just tweeting a simple "I'm going, who's with me?" like her peers, this being Madonna she has instead gone the extra mile and tweeted a picture of her pubic hair with the Nike swoosh logo shaved into it.

It was posted along with caption: “Yasssssssss! Just Do it!”. 'Why' you all ask? Well, Madonna, that's why.

Here's what that tweet looked like:

People have presumed that's Madonna's nether regions in the photo anyway, but it might not be. She did shout out photographer Marius Sperlich who took the pic, which is set to appear on the next cover of Nakid Magazine. So it might just be a model in the photo and Madonna just thought it an appropriate pic to tweet.

Not that it stopped twitter reacting with all manner of barf GIFs as it collectively let out a cry of TMI!—having decided that, yes, it was Madge's crotch.

Whoever's pubes they are, it's probably Madonna's way of referencing Trump's "Grab them by the pussy" remark. Plus, we all know the Queen of Pop is not shy of controversy. She had already promised to give Hilary Clinton voters blow jobs, although that was said as a joke.

So, tweeting a risque photo of pubes on Twitter isn't atypical behaviour, but that hasn't stopped people from being less than impressed with seeing such a thing pop up in their feed.

Piers Morgan wasn't that impressed for a start, but then he is Piers Morgan, which must be tough.

His response did seem to sum up the general tone, though. Here's some of the other reactions.

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