Watch Celebrities Impersonate Other Celebrities In This Hilarious 'The Graham Norton Show' Supercut

It makes sense that celebrities, and by celebrities this clip means actors and actresses, would be great at impersonating one another. Or if not each other than other people and/or animals. Because, well, they're actors and their jobs involve some kind of impersonation or mimicking.

It makes sense really, we easily forget that in order to pull off a believable character in a movies they spend a lot of time developing specific characteristics and behavioral styles in order to apply it to the role they are playing. Just like an impersonator.

But just how good are they when it comes to impersonating another celebrity?

In this supercut from British talk show The Graham Norton Show various celebs do some hilarious impressions of one another. Some of them are better than others, however. Jamie Foxx's cockney accent leaves a lot to be desired. And Justin Bieber's English accent is all kinds of cringeworthy.

But Tom Hiddleston reenacting the iconic scene between Al Pacino and Robert De Niro from Heat, in front of De Niro no less, is pretty damn great.

We also get to see Benedict Cumberbatch do Chewbacca while sat next to Harrison Ford, Will Smith show off his Nigerian-with-concussion accent, Jake Gyllenhaal and Emilia Clarke do Arnie, and Jim Carrey does a great impression of a vicious St. Bernard.

But perhaps best of all is Chris Pratt's impression of an English girl inspired by one of the women in the UK show The Only Way Is Essex. It's incredible.


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