Michael Fassbender And James McAvoy Impersonate Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen

We all know how inseparable Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen are after igniting a very endearing friendship when they teamed up for the first X-Men movie—their love for each other, and the internet's love for their love for each other, knows no bounds.

While on the press tour for new flick X-Men: Days Of Future Past the pair asked James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, who play the young Prof X and Magneto in the new movie, to do impressions of them. And the older actors returned the favor too.

What makes these impressions so charming is how coy both Fassbender and Mcavoy seem when confronted with such an ask—and also how the whole lot of them grin like Cheshire cats through the entire thing, totally stoked at their meta-luvvieness.

Check it out below:

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