Mike Tyson Flips Out And Swears Live On Air After Toronto Reporter Asks About Rape Conviction

Mike Tyson is not the sort of guy you want to upset, but you'd think on live TV you'd be safe. But you'd be wrong. Former boxer and ear-biter Tyson appeared on Toronto news channel CP24 to promote his Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth show and endorse crack-smoking Rob Ford who he called 'the greatest mayor in history."

But things turned sour after host Nathan Downer asked Tyson whether, because of his former rape conviction, supporting Ford might have a negative impact on Ford's campaign. “It’s so interesting because you seem like a nice guy but you’re really a piece of sh*t,” Tyson says. He then calls Downer a "rat piece of sh*t" before Downer tries to pull things back at the end with: “Thank you for coming.” “F*ck you.” Tyson replies.

Fortunately Iron Mike wasn't waiting outside the studio to give Downer a piece of his mind. And Downer later took to twitter to apologise for the foul language and let everyone know that it was aaaall fine.

Nathan Downer was lucky that Mike didn't make his annoyance into something physical.


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