Albino Hedgehogs, Insect Rockers—A Peek At The Best Commercials Airing During #SuperBowlXLIX

If you can't wait until the weekend to see what high budget commercial delights companies have got in store for you during Super Bowl XLIX, then this video may go some way to saiting your thirst.

It looks like it's going to be another bumper Super Bowl where commercials are concerned, featuring everything from Charlotte McKinney in her birthday suit advertising Carl's Jr., Danny Trejo combing his hair for Snickers, giant IRL game of Pac-Man for Bud Light, insect rock bands, and an albino hedgehog driving a car—and that's just a few of them.

They've really gone full-on on the wacky-crazy front, competing to out-weird each other and come out top with the most YouTube views come Monday night.


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