Fighting A Woman - 4 Guys Take On UFC Fighter Miesha Tate—And She Owns Every One Of Them

Four guys make the mistake of thinking they can go a few rounds with UFC fighter Miesha Tate. As part of a prank for their YouTube channel the Janoskians get two minutes each with the mixed martial artist to "see how many times she can make us tap."

They never really stood a chance because, let's face it, Tate is a pro fighter who could eat these boys for breakfast. And that's pretty much what she does as they struggle to try and hold her down.

It's all done in good spirits though, which is to the guys' advantage, because if it were for real Tate could do some serious damage to these amateurs.

As it stands, they just get to roll around a bit and walk away without too many cuts.

No doubt there's a few bruises and soreness the next day though.

And if you doubt Miesha's talents then check our her Ultimate Fighting Championship title challenge in 2013 against the current world champion Ronda Rousey. Be warned, it isn't pretty.

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