This Mini Electric 'Motochimp' Bike Is The Wacky-Looking Ride For Your Urbanite Commute

If you live in the inner city and hate commuting to work on public transport but don't want to cycle, then a new electric mini motorbike might be the solution. Called Motochimp it looks like something from a cartoon and was recently unveiled at the International Industrial Design Fair at Shenzhen in China. It's built by Singapore company Vanda Electrics.

With a rectangular body it was designed to make sure you stand out as you head to your next destination, and comes in blue, red, or yellow. Created to be used for the daily commute it has a short charge time, with the company claiming that in 60 minutes the lithium-ion batter will be fully charged from an AC plug, and lasts for a distance of around 37 miles.

It's about 3.3 ft long and has small wheels so you can manoeuvre it well. Don't expect to be going too fast though as it has a top speed of 19mph with its 48-V, 350-W electric rear hub motor. It also has a RFID key fob for ignition and a mini speedometer on the handlebars to check you're not breaking any sound barriers.

Prices will start at around $2,000.00 so not hugely expensive compared to other types of transport. It will initially go on sale in Japan and will then launch in Asia, the UK and Europe.

“Motochimp really celebrates the indie spirit of spontaneous urban mobility." said Vanda Electrics CEO Larissa Tan. "It’s sustainable yet sassy, cost-effective yet cool, eco-friendly yet bursting with personality.

“In designing Motochimp, our original concept was inspired by a sketch from a 10-year old girl. When you’re on the Motochimp, you put enchantment back into everyday life, you see fun and wonder through the eyes of a child. We’ve really let our imaginations run free and we’re very proud of the results.

“Motochimp is also all about accessibility. With a range of up to 40 miles from a 60min charge—and all from a standard plug socket—it won’t cost the earth to buy or run. At Vanda Electrics, we want to revolutionise electric transport on a global scale—and Motochimp is key to that, it’s the new face of city transport—bold, edgy, fun.”


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