Modern Day Hobo Molly Steele's Photography Documents The Romance Of Life On The Road

Molly Steele isn't what you'd consider your average hobo, but that's the lifestyle she lives. Riding on freight trains, working temporary jobs to raise money to travel, spending long periods of time on the road driving across the US with her fellow carefree wayfarers and like-minded friends.

A former botany major, 26 year-old LA-based Molly considers herself a 'traveling photographer' and she definitely embodies the true nature of an adventurous soul. Her photography manages to capture the essence of a wandering free spirit.

Motherboard recently ran an article The Hobos of Instagram which detailed the culture of what it called Hobo 2.0—people, both long time travelers and newcomers, who are using technology and social media to share advice, interact with one other, augment their lifestyles, and document them.

Molly Steele records her adventures and travels on her Instagram @moristeele where she currently has over 30,000 followers.

We've chosen a selection of some of her beautiful and evocative photography, which captures the romance and the poetic sense of freedom and adventure that comes with this lifestyle. A kind of On the Road for millennials.

Crying while editing the film and thinking about last week because it felt too good

Feels good to be back home hungover in my own bed. Here's a bad video to celebrate.

Staring contest with some wild horses. You should have seen them flee when I flashed my biceps.

Not going to break the law for 90 days, but happy to break it again after that if it means more of this.

Went and got this cool new headshot done today at the Butler County jail in Kansas

We caught a train out of CA on Wednesday, rode it all the way to Texas in two days. Then left Fort Worth right away on another train which took us to Kansas. Our intention was to go from Los Angeles to New York, but we just hopped a new train that is bound for Utah and we are all pretty excited about that. Except we forgot to fill up on water and we still haven't showered.

Yesterday we got caught and ran into the woods and hid for hours until night and now we are having coffee in a stranger's house and are fine so fuck it what's next

Ready for a view of something other than west Texas.

Sometimes a leg can be so soft.

I recently replaced all my friends with The Mists of Avalon. After a week or two, I'm finished. What's next?

Bidding fairwell to our new friend Portugal tomorrow. Sorry we got you arrested and drunk! Missing trains after a few days.

Yard dog @kevinruss

Spent golden hour riding into Oklahoma on our temperamental train that we've been calling home now for over a day. It was slow, would stop for hours, but now is plowing through endless fields in Kansas.

Kevin on film, again and again and again. 35mm scan.

My fangs in the mist

Hi, it's me crying looking at the sky AS USUAL

My favourite night, maybe. I mean my favourite after-dark night. Football on the hard red sands in the heart of the country and enough weed to float an elephant on a castle in the sky. ?

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