The Moment When 'Mongolia’s Got Talent' Singer Totally Nails George Strait's 'Amarillo By Morning'

Country singer George Strait's version of "Amarillo By Morning" is a classic, with the song itself an ode to the rodeo cowboy lifestyle, whose life involves travelling from show to show with no possessions but the clothes on his back. And to show just how far and wide an audience this song has, look no further then this cover version.

It featured on Mongolia’s Got Talent, yep the show has even been franchised there, and is performed by Mongolian electrician O.Enkh-Erdene (who speaks no English) in his audition. "Amarillo By Morning" was actually written by Terry Stafford back in the 1970s after he spent an entire night driving from rodeo to rodeo.

But Strait recorded the definitive version in 1983 and that's who Enkh-Erdene is imitating here—and his rendition is mind-blowingly good. Listening to his voice before he sings you'd have no idea.

He completely nails the the voice and both the audience's and judges' reactions are testament to how brilliant his performance is. There's lots of swooning and fanning of themselves by the women.

It may seem like a strange song for someone living in Mongolia to sing, but Mongolian culture is heavily influenced by the nomadic way of life and horses are an integral part of that. So they do have some affinities with the cowboys and troubadours of Texas. It's a worldwide match made in heaven.

O.Enkh-Erdene sung his way to win Mongolia's Got Talent 2016 after beating back the seven other contestants in the grand final on December 11 (below) and took home the prize money of MNT 100 million (about $40,000).

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