NASA Release 1000s Of Photos From The Apollo Missions—Someone Even Color Corrected A Few

NASA recently released thousands of stunning photos from the Apollo missions, which are space porn at its blurry, amateur photography finest. The space agency uploaded the images to Flickr so anyone can take a look whenever they want. There's over 8,000 of them so it might take you some time to work your way through.

However, as significant and historical a record these photos may be, one Redditor thought they could be better. So user photogjayge decided to color correct a few and uploaded the results to Imgur. If you think this is an abominable thing to do, he does gives his reason why.

"NASA uploaded photos from the Apollo missions to Flickr." he writes. "I took the liberty to color correct a few. Note, I've never been to space, so I don't know exactly how things look like out there. These are corrected purely on aesthetics."

They lose some of their vintage chic, something we just use an Instagram filter for these days, but they're still a visually stunning reminder of the bygone age of space exploration.

Check them out below. They come from the Apollo 7, 13, and 17 missions.

02 - XC7jFri
03 - 4QtmVoy
01 - C45glTz
04 - 1rr0PND
05 - RdS3AyI
06 - aLlLWgJ
07 - CpWUFnJ
08 - ixcKKCu
09 - zz85KHX
10 - imQJgcr
11 - Pe6Y6lm
12 - iltaYMO
13 - kkf6rlF
14 - wRLOguz
15 - 3XcIoMV
16 - iNCVeY7
17 - NUqxTrP
18 - 8etcYvj