The Offspring's 'Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)' Is Sung from Over 200 Movies - And It's Amazing

Anyone who remembers the 90s will remember The Offspring's hit "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)"—it was one of those songs that seems like only the cultural world of the 1990s could have begotten it.

It might also have been some time since you've heard the track—but no matter how long it's been since you've given it an airing i can guarantee that you've never heard it like this before.

Because YouTuber The Unusual Suspect has created a brilliant version of the song sung by the movies. 230 movies in fact, including The Dark Knight, The Force Awakens, Pulp Fiction, Tron, The Little Mermaid, Jungle Book, and tons more. It really leaves you wondering to yourself just how long it must have taken?

It's an impressive devotion to recreating the track, meaning The Unusual Suspect must be a huge fan of the song or just doesn't mind dedicating what must be a large amount of time collating something like this.

Some of the movies say just a fraction of a line in the song, so if this was all done without the help of software then commendations are in order. But the hard work has definitely paid off, because in just a few days of releasing it online the video is nearly on one million views.

The Unusual Suspect has previous of getting Hollywood movies to sing mid-90s alt pop rock too. Back in February he released "Green Day's 'Basket Case' Sung by 109 Movies." Watch it below.

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