Hell's Club Is Back In This Amazing (And Terrifying) Mashup Of Movie Nightclub Scenes

Last year Paris-based Antonio Maria da Silva released Hell's Club, a seamless mashup and fictional nightclub where characters from movies as varied as Scarface, RoboCop, and Star Wars came to hang out in ominously red lit rooms and boogie away to the Bee Gees.

It was effectively a supremely competent mashup of every good nightclub scene from the movies rolled into one epic night out. It was a place that felt dangerous, weird, funky, and slightly disturbing.

Basically it was great and now da Silva has released a sequel.

And, as sequels should be, it's bigger, longer, and more ambitious than the first. We're back in the same club but some of the cast of characters are different. Luke Skywalker is there, as is Axel Foley, Bond's there. Well, Bonds are there. Robocop's back, as is Deckard. Did i mention Alien? And Terminator and, god the list is huge.

And so is the running time at 17 minutes.

As Da Silva says, it's a place outside of time, outside of all logic. It's also a place that is at once alluring and, when the alien xenomorph decides to show up and start going nuts, an absolute nightmare.

The result is a star-studded bit piece of film that keeps you mesmerized as you move from one movie character to another, all the while sensing a slowly rising sense of tenseness that can only end in death and destruxion.

Enjoy. And check out part one below.

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