These Post-Apocalyptic Movies Present The Bleak Landscapes Of The World Of Tomorrow

Just by its very name, a post-apocalyptic world isn't going to be much fun. Society has inevitably crumbled due to some cataclysmic event and in its ruins humans struggle onwards trying their best to eat, take shelter, and generally survive. The chances of the internet being available seems pretty remote as well. Sob.

Be it created by zombies, vampires, zombie vampires or some kind of nuclear destruction, the movies have, pretty much since their inception, used post-apocalyptic landscapes as a place for telling their stories.

And its these, or some of them at least, that Madrid film student Bora Barroso has used in this compilation that's a tribute to the world of tomorrow, as seen on the silver screen. And it's not a pleasant world to live in.

But, unpleasant and grim though the post-apocalyptic celluloid world may be, Barroso has filled the compilation with compelling visuals from the films. It's reminiscent of a beautiful dreamlike technicolor nightmare.

We get to see frozen cities, dusty vistas, barren lands, burnt out vehicles, and plenty of violent explosions.

The world of tomorrow in this video is certainly not the shiny future of techno-topias, but instead is a very bleak and unpleasant dystopia of a destroyed earth and how to endure it.

They certainly are striking, arresting, and entertaining visuals to see on screen but let's just hope, especially with Trump in the White House, that they remain, for the time being, purely fictional.


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