'Singin' In The Rainy Movies' Video Is An Amazing Cinematic Mashup And Ode To Filmic Downpours

Be it tears getting lost in it, soliloquies from Hamlet being recited in it, battles being fought, or Gene Kelly singing, dancing, and splashing in it—whatever is happening rain can be one of the most cinematic of weather climates.

It can be romantic, despairing, foreboding, dramatic, empowering, or liberating. It has to be a downpour though, which it always is in the movies, you don't quite get the same desired effect from a light drizzle, do you?

Editor and mashup auteur Antonio Maria da Silva (of Hell Club fame) pays tribute to the mood-setter that is rain in his latest video, which features many iconic movies and scenes—Blade Runner, Taxi Driver, um, Alvin and the Chipmunks—all set to, what else, but "Singin' In the Rain."

We get to see characters kissing in it, shouting in it, looking pensive in it, fighting in it, dying in it—the fight scenes are particularly effective set to the rousing finale of the song—and by grading the films with the same colors, Silva ties the many different genres and decades of movie-making together.

It also reiterates just how effective the rain trope can be, whether it's an over-the-top choreographed fight scene or just a lone figure or two.

Then at the climactic end Silva adds in his own bullet-time-style effects which seem to spill out from the Agent Smith versus Neo showdown from The Matrix Revolutions—plus a tongue-in-cheek nod to Rain Main, in this deluge of an ode to cinematic water droplets.


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