Meet Jake: The Cute Pup Rescued From Fire And Abandoned Becomes Fire Station's Adorable Mascot

Everyone loves a happy ending, and that's exactly what happened to a pup called Jake. At three weeks old Jake was caught in a burning garage. His mom and some of his siblings managed to escape but just as Jake went to run, the ceiling collapsed trapping him inside.

The neighbor of the owner of the garage just so happened to be Bill Lindler, a firefighter with South Carolina's Hanahan Fire Department. Lindler saw the burning garage and noticed the puppy trapped inside and, after his colleagues turned up, went inside and rescued Jake.

Jake suffered from burns to three quarters of his body and was sent to the vets for treatment. A few weeks later Lindler stopped by the vets to see how Jake was bearing up, and he discovered that Jake had been abandoned at the vets after his owners failed to claim him, they couldn't afford to pay the bills.

Lindler told the vets that he wanted to take the pup home and, as a gesture of goodwill, the vet waivered the medical bills. As Jake got better over the coming weeks Lindler began taking him into the fire station to show his fellow firefighters how he was doing.

And they all grew to love the little guy and he became the station's pet with his own bed. He turned out to be such a great morale booster for the firefighters that he's now not only been given the official title of station mascot, but he's also been made an honorary firefighter.

Jake is now a fully fledged member of the team and his role at the fire station is only going to grow . "I'd like to see him be a therapy dog for burned children one day, so they can see that he's a survivor and that, despite the scars, they're all still beautiful. But right now though, we're working on having him be an arson detection dog." Lindler told The Dodo.

You can find out more about Jake on his official Facebook page.


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