The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Has A Tiny, Fluffy Pomeranian Puppy

The bigger the man the tinier the puppy. That seems to be the case with Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson aka Ser Gregor Clegane aka The Mountain from Game of Thrones.

There's no mistaking he's huge, being 6’9” and weighing 395 pounds, but he is a professional strongman so it's to be expected. So you'd naturally assume he had giant tastes when it comes to animals.

But don't let that intimidating presence he has on GoT as a reanimated skull-crushing dead knight influence you, because in real life he's quite obviously as susceptible as the rest of us to the charms of fluffy Pomeranians.

In fact, more so than most by the looks of things.

Björnsson recently acquired a Pomeranian puppy who he's called Asterix and is fond of posting pics and selfies of him and his dog on his Instagram. But it doesn't end there, he's even gone one step further.

Yep, that's because 14-week-old Asterix has his own Instagram account where he shows off how damn adorable he is. That's right, the menacing Mountain has a tiny fluffy puppy.

Björnsson also works out with his little Pomeranian buddy, the two of them running alongside each other looking both ridiculous and too cute.

Check out some pics of them below.

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